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What are thermoplastic elastomers?

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Thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) are plastics that combine the material properties of classic elastomers with the processing advantages of thermoplastics. This means that they behave like elastomers at room temperature and like thermoplastics when heated. As a tread material for wheels and castors, we have developed TENTEprene, a thermoplastic rubber with particularly good running properties.


Supratech tread material - Thermoplastic rubber for castors

Supratech is very kind to floors and offers high running comfort. The tread is very quiet and leaves no marks on the floor. It is also easy to clean and can therefore be used in areas where hygiene is subject to strict regulations. Castors with TENTEprene treads are characterised by low rolling and swivel resistance and are therefore also very easy running. Especially in combination with high-quality precision ball bearings, this thermoplastic rubber is suitable for carrying heavy loads. Even when supporting heavy weights, the wheels run smoothly and are easy to manoeuvre.



Applications for TENTEprene

Thanks to its properties, a castor with a tread made of TENTEprene thermoplastic elastomer can be used in many areas. Since the castors are washable, they can be used wherever hygiene is of great importance, for example in hospitals or in the food industry. In addition, their high load-bearing capacity makes them the ideal choice for transporting heavy loads. At the same time, the tread is easy to manoeuvre and is therefore ideal in situations where physical effort is frequently required to push equipment along. TENTEprene protects not only the floor but also the health of the employees.



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