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Colour selection: The whole spectrum

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We can accommodate your own colour specifications for almost all of our products, and not just for surface finishing. Colour matching of solid coloured plastics can present a special challenge. However, in this area, we have extensive expertise, in-depth knowledge and the technical infrastructure that enables us to create shades of colour according to your specifications or your corporate design.

The first step here is to measure your chosen colour photometrically and analyse it using special measurement devices. Based on this data, and taking into account all of the critical process parameters, we then create the exact colour formulation. In the laboratory, the result is compared with the desired colour and then verified. If the colour corresponds exactly to your specifications, it is stored as a reference sample with the relevant process data in our customer library.

This allows us to call up your colour at any time and generate it again. So if you have special requirements regarding colour, matching neighbouring surfaces and materials, or any other request, you can rely completely on our experience and expertise in this area.

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