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Furniture castors: What must be taken into account?

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Furniture castors are used in living rooms as well as in offices. The must meet different requirements depending on where they are used. These depend on the type of floor on which the castors are used, for example, and on the loads that have to be carried. A further factor is how often and in which directions the furniture will need to be manoeuvred. Chairs that move in all directions and only have to carry one person's weight are equipped with different castors than mobile bookshelves, for instance. Bookcases tend to run only in straight lines, but sometimes have to carry hundreds of books.

Properties of furniture castors

For furniture, swivel castors with brakes or locks are usually preferred. These have the advantage of being both easy to manoeuvre and easy to brake or lock. On hard floors – such as parquet or tiles – castors with a soft tread should be used. These are kind to floors. With softer floors like carpets, on the other hand, it is possible to use harder treads.

Besides their functionality, visual impact also plays an important role in furniture castors. The castors should match the furniture and the interior design. For this reason, a wide range of classic, modern, elegant and playful designs is available in this segment.

TENTE furniture castors combine function and design

TENTE furniture castors meet all the requirements placed on them. The swivel castors are equipped with a load-dependent brake, dead-man brake or wheel lock. This enables safe manoeuvring and a firm footing when stationary. If even higher loads need to be transported on a permanent basis, castors can be supplied in various sizes and with capacities of up to 100 kg per castor. We also have many different designs – including for children. Several TENTE wheels have been awarded design prizes such as the Red Dot Design Award or the universal design award.

If you have any questions about TENTE furniture castors, please contact our experienced service team - we will be happy to help you. Do you have special requirements for your castors? Please contact us in this case too. In cooperation with you, we can develop innovative and tailored mobility solutions!


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