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What are lubrication nipples?

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A lubrication nipple, also known as a grease nipple, is a small connector fitted to a wheel bearing via a screw thread. The lubrication nipple is used to feed the required lubricant into the bearing so that the device or machine keeps running smoothly.

Lubrication nipple

The nipple connector makes it possible to connect a grease gun with a positive fit. The grease gun builds up pressure, whereby a bearing ball in the connector moves – in the opposite direction to the force of a retaining spring. The lubricant thus flows through to the bearing. If no further pressure is applied, the ball returns to its original position, creating a seal against dirt. These two functions – continuous lubrication of the bearing while protecting the lubrication point from external influences – ensure that machines and plant always keep moving.

Lubrication nipples in a variety of versions

There are different types of lubrication nipple, such as conical, flat and ball-type lubrication nipples. The properties of the individual forms are standardised according to DIN. Conical lubrication nipples, for example, have a tapered insert thread according to DIN 71412 and are suitable for both manually and mechanically operated grease guns. Flat lubrication nipples (according to DIN 3404), on the other hand, have a fine thread for screwing in and are intended for lubrication points with a large lubricant volume. Ball-type lubrication nipples (standardised according to DIN 3402) are rarely used these days. They have a tapered thread and require the lubricator nozzle to have a force-locking connection.

TENTE castors with lubrication nipples

TENTE heavy-duty castors are equipped with a dust cover with an integrated lubrication nipple. This ensures that the castors keep running on a permanent basis. Special solutions according to individual customer specifications are also available on request.


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