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Rubber wheels

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Low-noise rubber wheels: The quiet solution even for uneven floors

A damping element made of cellular polyurethane, or damping with resilient solid rubber, enables products and goods to be transported quietly, even on uneven floors. The good suspension provides resilient, shock-absorbing transport in which the rubber wheel gently absorbs knocks and jolts.

Rubber wheels have low rolling resistance and are also very kind to floors. For a long time, wheels such as these used to leave contact marks, but this tendency has meanwhile been rectified for TENTE wheels. This means that even after a long stationary period, the non-marking grey and electrically conductive TENTE rubber wheels leave no visible traces on light-coloured floors.

Rubberised wheels are suitable for trailers but also for construction machines, cutting machines and rotating waste sorters. The materials available differ in terms of load-bearing capacity and floor protection as well as swivel resistance and abrasion. Generally, it can be said that: Rubber wheels have good damping properties, and are quiet and kind to floors, while hard plastics have a high load-bearing capacity and low rolling and pivoting resistance. Those looking to combine the properties of a hard wheel with the damping properties of soft rubber wheels will also find the right solution at TENTE: Our hybrid wheel consists of a hard polyamide tread and a soft rubber core.

Besides the rubber wheel, we offer many other castors and wheels for different requirements. Contact us if you would like to learn more about our rubber wheels or other products. Contact us – we will be happy to help you!


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