Product family



Optimised steering mechanism


Directional lock for improved steering in curves and driving in a straight line for long distances.


User-friendly central lock


Simultaneous locking of more than one castor using a central actuation lever.


Practical system solution


Practical system solution with all technical components for central locking.


Fast assembly


Faster assembly process with use of plug-in fittings.


Variable fitting options


Different fitting dimensions for a large range of applications.


Optimised manoeuvrability


Twin wheel castor with high manoeuvrability due to differential effect.


Certified conductivity


Conductive version to protect users and electrical devices from electrostatic discharge.


Low-vibration transport


Extra soft wheels with good shock-absorbing properties.


Secured stand


Total lock for simultaneously locking the wheel and swivel housing.


Sterile cleaning

Wheels for steam sterilisation in autoclaves used in sterile areas.


Colour matching


Colours can be adapted to match the product design.


Painted surface


Black housing with bump and scratch resistant cathode immersion paint.


Tested quality


Tested in our own test laboratory for compliance with European standards.


Constant heat resistance


Duratech wheels made of heat resistant plastic for use in extreme environments.


Permanent washability

All metal components made of stainless steel.


Protective seal


Wheels with sealed bearings to protect against spray water and dirt.



Robust housing


Twin wheel castor for high load capacity and low height.


Compliant version


For use in commercial kitchens [DIN 18867 Part 8].


Quiet rolling


Particularly soft wheel versions for a quiet working environment.


Non-marking movement


Wheels with reduced abrasion and little cleaning requirement.


Non-staining operation


Non-staining on contact with floors due to long standing periods. Can also be used for floors made of untreated wood and natural stone.


Low-maintenance wheels


Threadguards for unobstructed operation with minimal cleaning effort.


Resource-conserving part replacement


Threaded axles allow unproblematic wheel change.


Non-hazardous materials


Complies with RoHS and REACH regulations. Does not contain polycyclic aromatic carbons or chromium(VI).