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The twin castor: sturdy and kind to floors

Thanks to high-quality materials such as plastic or sheet steel for the housing, the twin castor is very robust, but is also kind to floors during use. A twin castor with a soft tread is particularly suitable for sensitive floors such as tiles, parquet or laminate. Hard treads are better suited to soft floors such as carpets. The twin castor is also available in an electrically conductive, washable and stainless steel version - an advantage for use in areas where hygiene regulations prescribe regular cleaning and disinfection.

TENTE twin castors not only meet high demands in terms of functionality and quality, but also in design, among other things with different colours and - as a special solution - with a printed logo. Many of our products have won international design awards.

The twin castor is extremely manoeuvrable thanks to the differential effect. This means that: Since the two wheels can also rotate in the opposite direction, the twin castor can move more easily and thus has an advantage over the single furniture castor. This makes it ideally suited to applications involving a great deal of manoeuvring. TENTE offers castors up to a load capacity of 12 tonnes (heavy duty castors).

Depending on requirements, there are different twin castors available, such as versions with a different bearing - including a swivel bearing or a precision ball bearing - as well as variants with an individually adjustable castor lock. The latter are particularly suitable for sensitive areas of use requiring extremely smooth and light running properties. This includes, for example, laboratory equipment or hospital beds.

If you have any questions about a twin castor or our other castors or wheels, please contact us. We will be pleased to assist you.


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