Precision ball bearings

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In order for everything to run as planned, every caster requires the right wheel bearing. The wheel bearing is one of the factors that determine the roll and performance characteristics and consequently the quality of the caster. Various types of bearing are available, each of which offers different advantages depending on the application. The highest-quality solution is the precision ball bearing. This ball bearing is also known as a radial deep groove ball bearing. This ensures low rolling resistance even under particularly high loads.

Advantages of precision ball bearing

Precision ball bearings have very little play and meet the most stringent requirements in terms of running characteristics, load-bearing capacity and durability. The environment has little influence on the ball bearing. This makes them particularly suitable for industrial casters that have to meet technically demanding conditions. They are also often used on heavy-duty castors.

Wheel bearings with heat-resistant precision ball bearings can be used in extremely cold and hot temperatures. Under these thermal conditions, however, the load-bearing capacity is somewhat reduced.

Radial groove ball bearings are very low-maintenance. Even during continuous operation, wear is low and there is no need to replace the bearing. In situations where strict hygiene regulations apply – such as in the medical or food industry – the wheels should be equipped with a sealed ball bearing.

With TENTE, you’ll find the right wheel bearing

Depending on the transport equipment, different requirements have to be met. The choice of wheel bearing is one of the important factors here. We will be happy to advise you and help you find the right precision ball bearing, plain bearing, cone ball bearing or any other wheel bearing for your application. Please contact us!


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