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Wheels and castors for your AGV applications

In intralogistics, every second counts - and every resource. That is precisely why we are at your side. With mobility solutions that save you time, effort, material input and costs and ensure measurable increases in efficiency. Thanks to optimised swivel behaviour. Thanks to easy changes of direction. Thanks to compensation for uneven floors. Thanks to continuous ground contact. And especially thanks to vibration reduction and outstanding durability. As AGV environments become more diverse and popular, the demands on the castors used on an AGV also become more stringent. For this reason, our cooperation with G-DOK is very valuable, because as a castor manufacturer we have a great influence on the mobility of AGVs.

Typical challenges

AGVs are robots that follow a line marked on the ground or drive using radio waves, cameras, magnets and lasers. They are often used to transport heavy loads, but increasingly they are also used for small and light transport, such as in factories, warehouses and logistics centres. Although AGVs are becoming increasingly popular, there are some problems that can lead to downtime and safety risks if the wrong rollers are used.

Track loss when offset of your castor is too big

Especially with heavy loads, the AGV and the load can fluctuate quickly. This makes it particularly difficult for the vehicles to stay on track. Our castors have a high load capacity, an optimised offset and a special swivel bearing design. This combination ensures that the vehicles stay on track and prevents lane loss due to emergency braking when changing direction. Note: This product is not available in some countries. Please contact us.

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E-Drive optima, drive unit with integrated control unit, can be lowered and raised, brushless motor with deceleration function and constant torque. Solid housing made of galvanized sheet steel, the wheel can be replaced by the customer and ordered individually, maintenance-free.

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