A design project and a clear mission: maximum harmony

How do you recognise good design? By the language of form?
By the colour scheme? By the use of materials? Certainly, all
these things are important.

But first and foremost, you can tell by the perfect interaction of all these aspects. By the way the design works as a whole. Our customers Tolix and Naber are pursuing just this goal and they have opted for the perfect solution for one of their prestigious projects: the Linea designer castor.

The starting point

The French company Tolix Steel Design SAS is one of the icons in the history of design. Ever since its establishment in 1927, it has been producing steel furniture in its own manufacturing facility in the French region of Bourgogne. Naber GmbH is a traditional family-owned business that has made a name for itself in particular with its innovative product ideas - including ones like the mobile designer kitchen. To envision this ‘concept kitchen’, both companies pooled their expertise and injected a new passion to this market segment with the end result of their creative work.

Highest standards of design

The concept kitchen is the very opposite of a fitted kitchen, being easy to assemble, easy to dismantle and extremely straightforward to adjust. The idea was to design a kitchen that would work anywhere, offer extreme flexibility and win people over with its harmonious appearance. It aims to please with its rounded corners and its appealing soft lines. Excellent design was also foremost when it came to selecting suitable castors. These not only had to blend seamlessly with the kitchen design, but also follow the colour scheme throughout, as well as be extremely durable. These demands are essentially only met by one solution: our Linea designer castor.

Our smart mobility solution

With its precisely matching colour scheme and lines, the Linea harmonises perfectly with the Tolix and Naber concept kitchen. A crucial factor is the exact colour calibration of the plastic we use.

This unifies the furniture and castors visually despite the use of different materials. Thanks to this match, the colour tone of our Linea corresponds exactly to the specific white of the painted metal surfaces. To further perfect the interplay of the castor and support frame, we also focused on the formal interaction in the interface area.

Together with the designer Kilian Schindler, who created the mobile kitchen, we developed a tailor-made adapter and thus achieved a smooth transition between the components.

The Linea makes no compromises either when it comes to durability. After all, this castor has to bear the weight of heavy kitchen appliances while guaranteeing high stability.

"The customized Linea blends seamslessly with our design concept."

Kilian Schindler, Designer

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Considerable cost savings

We not only provided our customers with a suitable castor but with a complete set. This led to a more efficient process. When faced with the complex challenge of creating the perfect transition from the castor to the kitchen frame, Tolix and Naber were able to rely entirely on our expertise.

By developing products jointly, our customer has saved valuable resources, time and money. The customised connecting element that we designed, in fact, provided the very solution that made such a high spec mobile kitchen possible in the first place.

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