Tugger trains

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A tugger train is a modern transport system that is used for just-in-time provision of supplies to the production line. Mainly in areas such as airports and train stations, but also for order picking in logistic centers, tugger trains are the preferred means of transport and contribute to the efficiency of operational processes.

How a tugger train works
There are different types of tugger trains. Tugger trains pull a load carrier, which can be moved either hydraulically or pneumatically, and which picks up load carriers supported on casters. This is done either fully automatically or with manual loading. As a rule, tugger trains are used as so-called circular train systems. A manned tractor unit maneuvers any number of trailers with their load from the pick-up point to the destination along a predefined route within the premises. Possible destinations in the industrial environment include warehouses, assembly stations and production lines. Once they have arrived at their destination, the goods can be removed as required and with minimum expenditure of time, either in the form of individual trailers or load carriers.

Robust casters for load carriers
TENTE can provide you with suitable casters and wheels for every application. This means that special casters are also available which are adapted to the conditions in logistics applications, as well as in other areas where transport systems such as tugger trains are used. Robust materials, a sturdy construction and durable quality come together in the caster manufacturer's product portfolio.


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