Refine your choice

Without wheels, even the best casters won't move forward an inch. At TENTE you'll find a wide range of reliable products of different diameters that are tailored to your needs. The wheels are manufactured using various high-quality materials, such as plastic or solid rubber, according to requirements, and can even be electrically conductive. You should choose between a hard or soft tread that is suitable for your local situation so that loads can be transported while protecting your flooring as best as possible. Our smooth-running wheels can also be provided with noise reducing features. There are various bearing types that you can choose from, from plain bearing to precision ball bearing, depending on the required speed, payload and distance to be travelled. Our wheels can optionally withstand extreme temperatures too: They're cold and heat resistant from -40 to +200 degrees Celsius. They're not even affected by chlorinated hot water – we tested this for you as part of a long-term test of regular washing and sterilization operations.