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Sun, rain, snow and ice – casters are sometimes exposed to extreme weather conditions that they have to withstand day in and day out. In other sectors, such as in the food industry or in hospitals, they must be washable at high temperatures in order to meet stringent hygiene requirements. So, as to avoid a rude awakening at some point when the castors rust, at TENTE, all surfaces with steel elements are treated. That way, moisture, temperature fluctuations and inevitably rust can have no effect on the caster. Stainless steel casters are particularly well protected against external influences. The perfect workmanship makes them impervious to damp, and also to salt, oil and cleaning agents. Stainless steel casters are available as fixed caster, swivel caster, swivel caster with wheel brake or swivel caster with total lock. The stainless steel housing can be combined with different wheel bodies and treads, such as a tread made from our thermoplastic rubber, TENTEprene. Stainless steel casters can be supplied as electric conductive version upon request.