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Two things are important when shopping at the grocery store: convenience and speed. Casters for shopping carts must therefore run smooth, be easy to steer, and should absorb shocks. For this reason, our casters are equipped with a housing made of sturdy sheet steel. You can choose between a variety of wheel bodies and treads: Solid rubber, for example, tends not to leave marks on the floor, even with a fully-loaded shopping cart. Four swivel casters make the cart maneuverable and facilitate constant changes of direction. Thanks to the diverse mounting options, our casters for shopping carts are compatible with all current models, and can be easily fitted or converted. There are casters available in different diameters according to the volume and configuration of the shopping cart. TENTE casters for shopping carts are also suitable for multi-level stores where the carts are conveyed from one floor to the other on moving walkways. The patented casters, with automatic wheel lock guarantee absolute stability and the smooth and safe transport of goods.