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TENTE transport equipment casters are the perfect choice for continuous use in dusty, damp environments, and on uneven surfaces. Thanks to the perfected design, the transport equipment casters, which are available as swivel or fixed caster versions, are robust and durable. They are manufactured using only the highest-quality materials, from solid rubber to polyamide, each of which differs in their specific properties. Polyamide, for example, is best suited for high loads and resilient floors – any unevenness of the surface can quickly result in higher travel noise levels, however. Polyurethane is more floor friendly and can be used on sensitive surfaces with reduced load capacity. Transport equipment casters often have rugged, shock-resistant roller bearings that are characterized, among other things, by a relatively low roll resistance, a low installation height and high load capacity. We're sure to find the right solution for you here too. Just have a chat with one of our friendly service representatives.