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Nothing will throw TENTE fixed castors off track

TENTE fixed castors are available in numerous versions, which differ in terms of their materials, diameter, bearing or load-bearing capacity. At your request, we also manufacture individual solutions from frost-free stainless steel or heat-resistant and cold-resistant fixed castors. The castors are used on a wide range of equipment and machines, including laundry trolleys, work platforms or mobile cranes.

During the transport of vibration-sensitive goods, the spring-loaded fixed castor can absorb jolts or knocks. If necessary, it muffles unpleasant running noise and thus makes it possible to carry out quiet loading and unloading at night, for example;

When trucks have to be very manoeuvrable, they are often equipped with four castors. However, this is not necessary for every application, as the stability suffers as a result of the manoeuvrability and the trolleys often veer off course. In contrast to the swivel castor, which can be moved in all directions, the fixed castor is much better suited for straight travel as it is fixed to the conveyance. In some cases, devices can only be equipped with fixed castors, such as when they are moved forwards and backwards in only one direction. However, since such a trolley cannot be steered, the fixed and swivel castors are combined in many ways. This results in good, stable straight running and cornering.


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