Less is more: Lightweight construction

Lightweight construction offers decisive competitive advantages in various industries and service sectors. In aviation, intra-logistics, mechanical engineering, transport, medical technology or trade - essentially, wherever something needs to be moved, lightweight solutions open up wide-ranging benefits. For example, vehicles require less drive power, which significantly reduces energy consumption, carbon dioxide and operating costs for companies.

In addition, a reduction in weight ensures effortless handling and thus relieves the physical strain on employees. We make it possible for you to use these benefits to their full effect. We have the expertise to manufacture particularly lightweight solutions and to substitute them for existing materials – as in the case of the TENTE Aviana. Here, we initially improved the fork by making the housing smaller. By making clever changes to the geometry, we were also able to reduce both volume and weight.

The next step involved taking various components made of stainless steel and replacing them with aluminium parts. Even the smallest components were put to the test here – right down to the balls in the ball bearings. In this way, we successively reduced the weight of the castor from 520 to 350 grams, making it more than 30 percent lighter.