Join us on the road to a more sustainable future with castors and wheels

Environmental protection is important to us all. This is exactly why TENTE wants to set an example and leave a green footprint on our precious planet.

Start your sustainable future with TENTE now

Anika evo is the perfect combination of sustainability and design - a green and sustainable solution that covers all your needs and fulfils all your requirements without compromising on functionality and quality.

In short - Anika evo is your way to a greener and more sustainable solution without compromising on product quality, mobility and durability.

The elegant and highly shock-absorbent housing is made from sustainable biomass material. In order to fulfil the RoHS and REACH regulations of the European Union, we use non-toxic resources. All components are resistant to a wide range of cleaning agents and chemical substances.

Like our renowned Anika castor, the Anika evo leaves no marks or stains on the floor, even after long periods of standing still. This applies to all types of flooring, including untreated wood, natural stone and even soft carpets.

Both the housing and the wheels can be produced in a wide range of colours to suit your specific requirements and can be fully integrated into your furniture.

*98% of the total weight of the plastic used to manufacture our product.

**46 % calculated according to the standards for life cycle management ISO 14040 and 14044.

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