Facing the dangers: Integrated health and safety

Effective accident prevention does not simply result from prescribed health and safety regulations and legal requirements. On the contrary. In practice, safety at work is an expression of social responsibility and, at the same time, is an important success factor for companies. Health, physical well-being and the invaluable feeling of being in good hands ensure satisfaction, low sickness rates and a high level of commitment. Occupational safety should not be seen just as a requirement, but as the foundation of the corporate culture. The trend in this area is therefore towards a proactive safety culture and away from the reactive approach, i.e. merely reacting to accidents.

Proactive means that potential risks are anticipated, tracked down and eliminated in advance. This method is of immense importance, especially with regard to mobility. This is because, whenever masses are in motion, hazardous situations can arise, and these must be prevented in advance. It is for exactly this reason that we always have safety in mind, e.g. the protection of the body from moving masses, physical well-being when manoeuvring heavily loaded transport trolleys, and the secure locking of wheels. We support you with a wide variety of intelligent solutions for a broad range of applications.

Starting with our flexible foot guards and our castors with especially good shock-absorbing properties through to our anti-magnetic Levina scan, which enables safe working in MRI areas. Additionally, our Linea safety, with its sophisticated locking system, also improves health and safety at work. Our e-lock solution even has an electrical locking system, raising occupational safety to a whole new level. If you, too, are faced with the challenge of making mobility safer, we will be happy to support you – simply give us a call.