Interaction: Between load and tread

In view of the wide range of requirement profiles, we use synthetic materials with very specific properties in our products. Polyurethane is preferred for solutions where heavy weights have to be moved relatively quickly. The material is notable for its high durability, temperature resistance and wear resistance.

Particularly soft polyurethane is a special solution used for sensitive goods – it also has the benefit of leaving no traces of abrasion on the floor. Polyamide is the preferred material when it comes to the mobility of extreme loads. Because it combines high impact strength and dimensional stability. Depending on the application, we use injection moulded and cast polyamide. For loads of up to a tonne, injection moulded parts are preferred.

For applications involving loads of several tonnes, we rely on turned wheels made of cast solid material, which is extremely stress-free and has a higher impact strength. In addition, turning allows for free shaping of the wheels. This type of wear and break-proof wheel is virtually indestructible in use and guarantees a high level of safety, even when running over obstacles.

However, for applications with lower loads and for transporting sensitive goods, rubber materials are recommended. These elastic materials have outstanding damping properties and are therefore the first choice when it comes to ensuring ride comfort and protection of the transported goods. Rubber wheels are very resistant to external influences and ensure a good grip in curves.

If you have particular requirements with regard to dynamic loading or rolling and swivel resistance, we can provide specific, tailored solutions with special grades of rubber.