Concerned about precision? Start with your castors' stability!

In a world where precision and reliability can make the difference between success and failure, it is vital not to overlook the small but critical details. Have you ever wondered if your castors are really up to the job, especially when it comes to stability under extreme conditions?

Safe stand for hospital beds with Linea

In the stressful everyday life of a hospital, nursing staff must be able to rely on their medical tools and devices. Our Linea castor is particularly suitable for hospital beds, as the castor is very easy to lock and release and ensures a safe stand. This takes the strain off carers and gives patients peace of mind, as they do not have to worry about unexpected movement when leaning against the bed. Linea offers unwavering stability, which is essential for a smooth clinical workflow.

Safe stand for furniture with Linea

However, the firm stand of our Linea castor is not limited to hospitals. It also extends to other areas of everyday life, such as the furniture industry. Whether in private homes or in commercial facilities such as shops, castors that are not securely fixed can be potential tripping hazards. This is where our Linea castors come into play to ensure the safe and controlled movement of furniture. With these castors, you can be sure that your furniture will stay in place without any unwanted movement or sliding.

Your benefits with Linea

  • Safe construction for a firm stand without compromising mobility and manoeuvrability.
  • Reliability over a long period of time, which means a longer service life for your medical devices and furniture.
  • Cost savings thanks to the durability and resilience of the Linea.

With its impressive stability and unmatched performance, Linea is the ideal choice for demanding applications in the medical sector, the furniture industry and beyond. Invest in quality and safety and experience the perfect balance of stability and manoeuvrability.

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