Get ready for Levina's newest addition!

Brace yourself as the Levina product family is about to welcome an exciting new member. Stay tuned for the big reveal!

Our Levina product family

Discover the irreplaceable product family in the medical sector! Our synthetic castors are perfect for lightweight medical devices and effortless driving on straight paths. The Levina castor sets the standard in ergonomics and manoeuvrability in the medical environment. A real benefit for staff, patients and medical facilities.

At the same time, the product family is not only functional, but also multi-award-winning in design - Levina sets new standards!

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Why are synthetic castors the right choice?

They are durable and robust:

Synthetic castors excel mainly due to their particular durability. They maintain their stability even under extreme conditions such as humidity, chemical exposure or temperature changes. This makes them ideal for use in various industries where severe strains and resilience are required. They can carry heavy loads and are resistant to rust, corrosion and many types of wear.

They are lightweight and low maintenance:

Synthetic castors are much lighter compared to other materials such as steel or cast iron. This makes applications equipped with these castors easier to transport and move. In addition, these castors require very little maintenance as they do not need to be oiled or greased. Due to their smooth surface, they are less prone to contamination. This helps to reduce operating costs.

They are multifunctional and gentle on the floor:

Synthetic castors come in different shapes and sizes to meet the requirements of different applications. They are suitable for numerous industries, including logistics, material handling, food processing and especially healthcare. In addition, synthetic castors protect the floor from damage as they have less abrasion and generate less noise compared to steel castors. This is especially important in environments where floors need to be protected and noises minimised.