Increase productivity and relieve employees at the same time! How does this work? With e-mobility

Have you ever pushed a trolley that has already been moving? Not a difficult task. Once a trolley is in motion, pushing it is no big deal. But what about stopping the trolley or moving it from a standstill? That is a difficult task because it requires the use of your entire body, which is not an easy job if you have to do it for 8 hours a day. And then imagine searching with your foot for the castor to lock it. This can be very time consuming and in the long run, these two situations lead to aching shoulders, arms and joints. Still, the work has to be done, but How can employees be relieved without compromising on productivity? With e-mobility by means of pushing and locking the device with ease.

Why do you need e-mobility?

Electric transport trolleys are becoming increasingly popular. They not only help to make work easier, but transport equipment with electrically powered castors also increases the safety and ergonomics when transporting equipment and patients. This is because e-mobility eliminates the physical effort of pushing, pulling and demanding locking. This is why e-mobility powered trolleys with castors are becoming more and more common in hospitals, care facilities, manufacturing plants, production facilities and industrial units.

Our solutions for you

The times when you had to move heavy loads and trolleys by mere physical strength are over with e-mobility from TENTE. The right castor greatly facilitates the daily work in your company. This applies equally to starting, stopping and locking the trolley.

Our e-mobility with electric drive can be used industry-wide. E-mobility is indispensable wherever equipment has to be moved from one place to another and full physical strength is needed to push and stop the equipment. Does the same apply to your company? Then the following advantages of our solutions for e-mobility may also apply to you:

Your benefits with our e-mobility

1. Improved ergonomics

  • Prevention of muscular and skeletal disorders
  • Reduced sick leave
  • Increased employee satisfaction which means that employees stay longer in the company

2. Increased productivity

  • Reduced costs due to less sick leave
  • Less workload for employees so they can focus on their main tasks
  • Improved workflows

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Why e-mobility?

The electric drive has conquered a large field of applications due to many advantages. Without electric drive systems, today's industrial production, merchandise management and mobility would be completely impossible.

Does e-mobility only relate to the automotive industry?

Absolutely not. After all, the topic of electric power also has a great impact on the sector of castors and wheels for a wide range of applications. For example, the medical sector, the hotel and catering industry and logistics rely on e-mobility.

What else is part of e-mobility?

Wherever heavy loads have to be moved, TENTE's electric driving devices provide support. Whether in the health sector, for example on hospital or care beds, or in logistics facilities when transporting goods - the electric drive modules on the castors reduce the risk of injury when loading and moving, as they create an enormous saving in force. Manoeuvring around corners and in confined spaces can also be done in a highly efficient way. Electric mobility equally improves health, safety and productivity in your company.

Do ground conditions and e-mobility go hand in hand?

The answer is: yes, definitely. Imagine a cleaning trolley in a hotel, loaded with all kinds of things, such as towels, cleaning materials, rubbish bags, and much more. And now imagine driving this loaded trolley over a carpeted floor. This is a rolling resistance that can only be overcome with great physical effort. E-mobility is particularly worthwhile when floor conditions are difficult.