How can you prevent a trolley from rolling away without locking the castors by foot? Easy by using castors with safety function

Does this working situation seem familiar to you? You move a mobility device, stop for a moment and let go of the handle. Right at that moment, you forget to activate the brakes - and the castors just keep on moving. In order to stop the castors, you must activate the brakes. Especially in stressful situations this can cost time but not activating the brakes can lead to a hazard for people and equipment.

Why do you need castors with safety function?

Castors with safety function ensure that the castor is automatically locked and only capable of moving when the corresponding lever is activated by hand. As long as the handle is activated, the castors can be moved.

If the lever remains untouched, the castor is automatically locked. This system ensures a safe stand and thus excludes unintentional movement. In technical terms, this is also referred to as castors with a dead man's brake.

For this reason, we at TENTE develop castors with safety function.

Our solutions for you

Our castors with safety function can be used across a wide range of industries. Everywhere you need to transport people or cargo, occupational safety must be your top priority. Perhaps you work in the industry, the medical sector, or even you manufacture mobility products yourself and need castors with safety function?

No problem. We have the right mobility solution, as our castors with safety function are ideal for all application areas that require a reduced risk of injuries. These include among others medical technology, school or office furniture castors with safety function, furnishings in ships or trains, luggage trolleys and transport trolleys with medium to heavy load-bearing capacity.

Your benefits with our castors with safety function

  • Increased safety during the transportation of people or heavy loads.
  • Increased occupational health and safety.
  • Increased efficiency as the castors with safety function do not have to be locked by foot.
  • Meet all your day-to-day transport requirements in your facility.
  • You can use our castors with safety function across all industries.
  • The system is integrated into the castor and thus protected from environmental influences such as dust, splash water and dirt.

If you would like to benefit from these advantages with our castors with safety function, you are welcome to contact one of our experts. Just fill out the contact form below in a few steps and we will find a joint and secure solution for you – together with our expert.

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Which areas incorporate the dead man’s brake system?

We know this type of castor with a dead man's brake system from luggage trolleys at the airport. This castor with dead man's brake design activates the castor only when the lever provided for this purpose is pressed down. In other words, the trolley can only move when the push handle is pressed down because this action releases the brake. The castors with dead man's brake lock immediately when released and thus ensure a secure locking of the wheels and castors. This prevents trolleys from rolling away due to a moment of carelessness.

Other trolleys that feature castors with dead man's brakes work in the same way. As soon as the push handle is pressed down, the brake is released automatically. Once the push handle is released, the brake on the castor wheels closes automatically and the trolley stops immediately.

By using a castor with dead man's brake, the user is always in control of the wheel. Even if the user forgets to lock the castor, this will not lead to a dangerous movement of the castor as it is locked by default. This is particularly important for the safety of people. The castor with dead man's brake thus leads to an increased level of work safety for people and for the equipment.