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What’s a plate fitting?

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With this type of fitting, the castor is mounted on a flat surface using nuts and bolts.

Mounting the castor using a plate fitting

Depending on the design of the equipment to which the castors are to be attached, different types of fitting are used. The selection of the appropriate fitting depends, for example, on the maximum load capacity required, the configuration of the equipment, and the wheel diameter. The aesthetics can also be important if the castor needs to make an impression with regard to appearance as well as performance. One way to mount the castor is with a plate fitting. This fitting is used if the equipment or machine has a flat underside.

Classical examples of this include various transport equipment, devices and heavy load transport. The plate fitting can be used for swivel castors as well as fixed castors. If a castor has a directional lock, the short side of the plate must be mounted in the direction of travel.

Mounting the plate fitting

The mounting plate is located on the top of the castor. The dimensions of the plate and the area on the equipment to which it is to be attached are standardised and proportional to the diameter of the castor or wheel. The standard spacing between the holes is, for example, 80 x 60 mm for a diameter of 80–100 mm, and 105 x 80 mm for a diameter of 125 mm. To select the appropriate plate mounting, the following dimensions must be taken into account:

    Plate size
  • Screw hole spacing
  • Screw hole diameter

When mounting a plate fitting, it is important that the castor and the equipment or device close off flush with each other. The equipment must rest exactly on the outer ball cover if the castor is to achieve its maximum load capacity and ensure long-term functionality.


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