Responsible treatment of the environment is always a central concern for our company

“Sustainability” is one of our most important keywords here. Our solutions are designed to protect ecological resources, prevent waste and minimise all form of environmental impact.

Our smart solutions improve productivity

for both manufacturers and users. At the same time, they increase the efficiency of processes in a wide variety of areas: from assembly through to the specific applications of the finished products. This gives you, as a manufacturer, the clear advantage of measurably optimising your critical interfaces, both technically and with respect to your workflows.

Longer service life, longer maintenance intervals and fewer complaints

These are the decisive benefits that the outstanding durability of our castors and wheels offers. The consistent premium quality is achieved by using high-quality materials and components that are characterised by exceptional durability.

Our solutions are synonymous with maximum safety

As our customer, you can always rely on premium quality and will always receive products that have been tested and certified. Our castors and wheels meet the strictest safety standards and contribute to improving occupational safety, preventing accidents and reducing health risks.

We offer you award-winning designs – in the true sense of the word:

Because our intelligently designed solutions have been honoured with renowned design awards and satisfy the highest demands when it comes to aesthetics. They can be seamlessly adapted to the individual design language of our customers and promote successful differentiation. We are also able to provide entire product ranges.

Our Mobility Solutions