The cooperation between TENTE and Deltarack: everything can be moved effortlessly with the right quality castors

Impact on Deltarack

Deltarack, a leading supplier of modular wooden transport racks and glass racks based in Hoogstraten, recently expanded its product range into the field of carts. The decision to also develop carts represented an innovative step, where the existing product was now provided with mobility by adding wheels. This opened the door of an exciting search for a specialised wheel manufacturer.

The initial situation

Deltarack has specialised in developing and manufacturing advanced solutions for transporting and storing various types of sheet materials. Customers have the opportunity to put together their ideal wooden transport rack according to their requirements using a configurator.

This approach appeals to different sectors, as they can adapt the trestle to the specific product to be transported. Deltarack stands out for its innovative modular concept, where customers receive a construction kit. This gives them the freedom to effortlessly assemble their transport trestle themselves, with the process fortunately being perceived as simple as child's play.

The challenge

With the aim of further simplifying transport for customers, Deltarack has expanded its range with specially designed trolleys. These carts are based on the existing transport racks, but now equipped with a castor board. As these trolleys are used in various sectors where (heavy) transport is often involved, it was crucial that the castors were capable of carrying considerable weight. To keep the choice simple for customers, Deltarack chose to limit the number of castor options, and so began the search for a universal castor.

So how does a manufacturer embark on such a search for the right castor? By inviting several manufacturers, listening to their story and then making the right choice. From the beginning, the choice of TENTE as the optimal partner was fixed.

The solution and results

TENTE not only listened carefully to Deltarack, but also offered the ideal castor solutions! The Alpha castor, with a load capacity of up to 350 kg, fitted with an elastic rubber tread and equipped with a brake, proved eminently suitable for use under Deltarack's plate trolley.

Companies have a choice between the 125 mm Alpha castor and the 160 mm Alpha castor, with the load capacity increasing with diameter. This flexibility appeals to a wide range of sectors and results in a diverse customer base!

With the recent surge of new manufacturers into the wheel market, especially from Asia, Deltarack reconsidered whether their initial castor choice was still the right one. However, the conclusion remains unchanged: TENTE remains the ideal and preferred choice for Deltarack.

"The quality of something that rolls is inextricably linked to the quality of the castor. We strive to increase the overall quality of our product by choosing high-quality castors."

Jan Servaes, founder of Deltarack

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Mobility study

No trolley without castors and above all: no Deltarack plate trolley without TENTE castors. A thorough analysis of the existing situation allowed us to find a suitable mobility solution for Deltarack. We can do this for you too!

Request your mobility study now and calculate with us how your company can be faster, more efficient and healthier when it comes to the internal transport of people and goods. Discover the impact TENTE can have on your business and make everything run smoothly with TENTE's mobility solutions.

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