Točkići visoke nosivosti

Ovi točkići čine da prevoz teške robe teče bez napora

Ektremne težine zahtevaju ekstremne točkiće. Kada ogromne skele i dizalice ili super - teški viljuškari treba da se pomere, zahtevaju se izuzetne performanse. Naša „specijalna jedinica“ je tu samo za ovu vrstu primene. Naši TENTE točkići visoke nosivosti su posebno dizajnirani za transport teškog tereta. Oni se uobičajeno koriste u lukama i na aerodromima, u vojsci ili za prevoz robe u fabrikama.

Their solid construction, with a housing made of heavy-gauge steel or stainless steel, enables the heavy-duty castors to handle weights of several hundred kilos and even as much as 12 tons per castor. Despite the heavy loads, they can always be precisely and effortlessly maneuvered so that you can safely move your heavy goods to their destination. The smooth-running, heavy-duty castors suddenly make transporting large weights a piece of cake. The high-quality blue-passivated surface treatment means that the heavy duty castors can be used for long periods of time.

TENTE offers heavy-duty castors as swivel castors with total lock or directional lock, and as fixed castors too. Find the right castor for your application – our friendly service staff will be pleased to advise you with regard to material, properties and load-bearing capacity. We can also come up with custom solutions for your particular applications.

Safety comes first when transporting heavy items, and it's for this reason that heavy-duty castors must be made from material that is absolutely dependable. We conduct long-term tests to simulate the load resulting from different weights on different floors and under various conditions. This is the only way to ensure that each and every heavy-duty castor put into use is of the highest quality and enjoys a long and reliable service life. We guarantee you best possible load-bearing capacity – after all, this is what our "strong ones" are there for.

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