Self-contained compactor containers

Self-contained compactor containers with TENTE MOP
Wherever large quantities of recyclables, residual waste, or domestic waste occur, self-contained compactor containers are brought into play. Filling such a container places an extremely heavy load on its castors. Consequently, mobility is of prime importance. Poor-quality castors restrict the flexibility of the containers. Often the castors are too soft to bear the great weight of the waste. This impairs the roll performance of the castors, thus making it more difficult to empty and transport the containers. A further problem is the wear this produces. This increases the maintenance costs.

Our stable TENTE MOP heavy-duty castors allow self-contained compactor containers to be emptied and transported quickly and reliably, despite their heavy loads. Thanks to their stable polyamide wheel center and precision bearing, TENTE MOP castors also guarantee very good roll performance when bearing substantial weights. The materials selected for the castors mean that wear is also not a problem, because the castors withstand adverse weather conditions. That saves on maintenance costs!

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