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Mobility from the market leader – Castor manufacturer, TENTE, keeps you moving

As a castor manufacturer, we know that the invention of the wheel was one of the most important discoveries in the history of mankind. The wheel made mankind mobile thus enabling hitherto unimaginable progress to be made. For the past 90 years, highly motivated staff at TENTE have been working each day to further mobilize people and thus continue to improve our world. As a castor manufacturer, we're well aware that mobility contributes to improved working conditions and therefore the quality of life in many industrial sectors. It's not for nothing that our motto is: “Better Mobility. Better Life.”

The castor manufacturer, TENTE, produces castors for the four market segments institutional, industrial, medical, and heavy-duty. Whether it’s for a shopping cart, hospital bed or transporting extreme loads – we provide the right solution for each application. As a castor manufacturer, quality and function aren't the only things that are important to us, but an appealing exterior too. Clearly, many professionals also liked the look of our castors as they've already received multiple industry design awards.

As castor manufacturer, we work hand in hand with you to find a solution for each new challenge. And in the process, we're sure you'll be impressed with our competent, dedicated service around the world. Thanks to our stringent quality control, you can rest assured that we will remain your competent partner of choice when it comes to mobility solutions in the future.

Since its founding in Wermelskirchen in 1923, the castor manufacturer, TENTE, has grown from a small factory to a business consortium that is today known and represented on all five continents. We're not only Europe's largest castor manufacturer, but also the market leader in the hospital bed castor sector. This was, and still is made possible thanks to the excellent quality of our products, using the latest production methods and our decades of experience coupled with a flair for innovation. We don't just rely on pioneering ideas, but also have an eye towards future generations: We manufacture in a sustainable and forward-looking manner and use environmentally-friendly materials.

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