Obrtni točkić

Okretan i svestran: Svuda ćete lako skrenuti pomoću našeg obrtnog točkića

TENTE obrtni točkić je zaista svestran. Pojavljuje se u sve četiri naše kategorije proizvoda (institucionalnoj, medicinskoj, industrijskoj i kategoriji visoke nosivosti) i pogodan je za različite primene u rasponu od kancelarijskih stolica do skela.

The swivel castor makes vehicles of any size and weight nimble and easy to steer. It allows for frequent direction changes – a must for any shopping cart – and ensures maneuverability even in tight spaces. This mobility makes the swivel castor unsuitable for travelling long distances in a straight line, however. For this reason, it is often used in combination with fixed castors. The advantage: In this way the vehicle achieves an ideal combination of straight line travel and cornering ability.

In addition to mobility, the ability to remain securely in place is extremely important for many devices: Just imagine what would happen if a sales stand parked on a steep road had no brake. The same applies to scaffolds on castors – apart from anything else, the people working on them would be in mortal danger if the castors could not be locked.

For this reason, TENTE has equipped its swivel castors with various locking mechanisms that you can select depending on your needs: Central lock mechanisms, for example, provide a fast and reliable method of preventing equipment from rolling away. This system allows multiple castors to be locked or released with just one action. When the wheel and pivot function of only one swivel castor locks, this is referred to as "total lock". The directional lock, however, facilitates travel in straight lines because it only prevents the swivel castor from pivoting. This temporarily turns the swivel castor into a fixed castor, thus making handling easier when pushing hospital beds, for instance.

Contact us if you're looking for the perfect swivel castor for your needs. Together with our friendly service staff, you're sure to find the right solution for your application from our comprehensive range of products.

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