Document destruction containers

Document destruction containers with TENTE castors and wheels
In the recycling sector, processes must run smoothly to allow the efficient handling of large volumes of recycling material. In this context, document destruction containers must satisfy very specific requirements. On the one hand, they must be extremely manoeuvrable and easy to transport, given that they need to fit into restricted space on lorries and must be able to withstand these great stresses. On the other hand, the document destruction containers must cope with heavy loads which are difficult to move if the rolling friction is high.

The size and required load determine which castor is best suited to your requirements. If you use particularly heavy containers to destroy documents, we recommend our TENTE double-castors from the 9940 series, which enable the load to be even better distributed and the manoeuvrability thus to be enhanced. Or for lighter document destruction containers, our PVR wheel with a noise-reducing full rubber tread. Our castors will withstand the loads placed on them!

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