Bulk refuse containers

Bulk refuse containers with TENTE 9682SEP
Bulk refuse containers are ideal for small to medium-sized volumes of waste. They offer the perfect solution for almost every scenario. Assuming of, course, that they are equipped with the optimum castors: containers are often stored outdoors and out of the way, and to empty them, they have to be maneuvered over rough ground. They must also withstand all kinds of weather. In this case, reliable castors with top-class roll performance and corrosion-resistance are required; otherwise, pushing the containers becomes extremely hard work.

The material strength of the housing design of the TENTE 9682SEP castor with directional lock is not only stable; it remains reliable and mobile, even when subjected to a heavy load and in variable weather conditions. It stands out on account of its high-quality precision bearing and a tread made of black elastic tire. This combination ensures a high level of mobility. The castor will not let you down!

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