Efficient mobility for ergonomic work: The E-Drive System

Our E-Drive System for you

Imagine your employees spending the whole working day pushing and slowing down heavy loads with their own body weight. In the long term, this can lead to muscle and joint disorders that are costly for both your employees and your business. But how can you overcome these challenges without compromising safety, productivity and flexibility?

That's where our innovative solution comes in: the E-Drive System from TENTE. We specialise in improving ergonomics in logistics while offering you efficient and flexible solutions.

E-Drive solutions for ergonomic working in logistics

E-Drive systems from TENTE offer you a tailor-made solution for efficient mobility and ergonomic working in logistics. By using our motorised castors, you can enjoy a wide range of benefits.

The E-Drive system offers you three different variants: E-Drive flex, E-Drive optima and E-Drive ultimate. With our basic variant, the E-Drive flex, you can move loads effortlessly without having to exert a great deal of force. The E-Drive optima goes one step further and offers you a brake assistant and constant torque thanks to its brushless motor. This allows you to transport loads safely on ramps. Finally, with its programmable logic controller, the E-Drive ultimate gives you almost limitless flexibility and application-specific adaptations.

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Efficient mobility & ergonomics

Advantages of the E-Drive system from TENTE

All in all, TENTE's E-Drive system offers an efficient mobility solution that promotes ergonomic working, increases productivity and is flexible and easy to handle at the same time. Last but not least, the E-Drive System enables quick and user-friendly assembly. You can simply attach the motorised castors to your existing transport systems and immediately benefit from the advantages.

Your advantages with E-Drive:

  • Ergonomic working and therefore less downtime
  • Increased productivity through effortless movement of heavy loads
  • Flexible use also with your existing transport systems
  • Adaptability to your needs due to the lifting motor
  • Increased speed of operations
  • User-friendly assembly
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What are the three most significant arguments for our E-Drive System?

Increased productivity

Our E-Drive motorised castor helps improve the efficiency of your operations. This can lead to cost savings. E-Drive is particularly easy to operate and can move even the heaviest loads with ease.

Very flexible in use

The E-Drive motorised castor is equipped with a lifting mechanism and can therefore be easily raised to ensure complete flexibility in all directions. When needed, the motorised castor lowers again and is immediately ready for use. Another advantage for you: E-Drive does not have to be mounted on specially made equipment, but can easily be connected to your existing transport systems. Thus, all your applications can be motorised. In this way, you can keep your already proven transport systems and increase your productivity at the same time.

Improved ergonomics

Especially in logistics, skeletal and muscular disorders (MSD) are very common. These can not only affect the health of employees, but also lead to high costs in the long term due to employee downtime. Our E-Drive ultimate motorised castor can help manufacturing companies effectively minimise MSDs in their own production halls.