Hospital Bed Castors

Mobility doesn't have to be a daily struggle

Mobility improves our lives – and our working conditions. Medical staff, in particular, experience each and every day how physically exhausting mobility can be. Our smooth-running hospital bed castors lighten their load significantly by enabling them to maneuver their patients through hospital corridors and bottlenecks with the minimum of effort. Both nursing staff and patients benefit from the comfortable and quiet operation of the hospital bed castors. The robust and durable castors don't leave marks on any type of flooring and can be locked or released with a single action. This ensures that the beds are always left in a secure position.

Hospital bed castors must meet particularly demanding requirements. These include electrical conductivity, stability and a low installation height, because a low bed height increases patient comfort and safety. Special hygiene standards apply in hospitals too. That's why TENTE hospital bed castors are washable at high temperatures and made of high-quality, rustproof materials that are resistant to most disinfectants and cleaning agents. The smooth surfaces also help reduce the build-up of dirt during daily use.

It's not for nothing that TENTE is the global market leader in the field of hospital bed castors: The years of close cooperation with renowned manufacturers has resulted in many innovative and high-quality solutions, so that TENTE now has a comprehensive range of products for this sector. Functionality and quality are not the only convincing arguments, their appearance is too: Many TENTE hospital bed castors have already been awarded international design prizes, including the prestigious Red Dot Design Award.

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