Special solutions

For very special wishes, we work exclusively for you.

When "made to order" or "custom designs" are required in our market, it has nothing to do with fashion or vanity.
The request for custom made solutions is made by clients whose products are so unique that even our product range of over ten thousand castors is too limited and custom designs are the solution.

It doesn’t matter if additional functions or just another look is required, for us every inquiry is considered a challenge. So far, we have managed to find the perfect solution for every client.

We do everything that can technically be realized in design and production: Wheels to your specifications, swivel castors with particularly small interference radius, castors with special-sized threadguards or with shock-absorbing properties – you can be certain that we continue to implement more unusual ideas with the usual TENTE quality.

Don’t hesitate and give us a call. We look forward to demonstrating our know how and efficiency in providing the best castor for you.

Complete wheel sets

Upon request we can ship complete wheel sets, consisting of wheels, axle and end caps.

Powered castors for hosptial beds

For use as an fifth castor in the middle of the bed. TENTE has developed a complete system, comprising a powered castor, motors and switch electronics.

Automatic guided vehicles (AGV's)

Move routine and on-demand deliveries of bulk materials for healthcare, harmaceutical industry and warehouse distribution centers. Special designed castors offer many benefits for this mobile application, such as:

• Suitable to automated washing/cleaning processes (e.g. autoclaves) through solid housings made of stainless steel electric conductive sealed wheels with precision ball bearings.

• Besides the serial standard items we offer special locking options,e.g. additional force-loaded directional locks or user-friendly "ball-pen operation".

Drive wheels

Drive wheels can be supplied in accordance with drawings. You can choose between rubber or polyurethane treads.

Spring loaded foot protection

The spring loaded foot protection prevents substantially the feet of those who work with transport trolleys of heavy loads from being roll over. These castors meet he exceptionally high safety requirements set up fo the aerospace industry.

Central locking

Save and quick brake function for several castors at a time. The side-mounted actuation lever on the housing guarantees a save and comfortable operation. For hand or foot operation.

Castors for heavy load

Our industrial castors offer a load capacity of up to 12 tons. Directional lock option is available.

Castors with integrated spring

We offer spring loaded swivel and fixed castors for the safe transport of fragile merchandise. Spring will be adjusted according to your specification.