Fixed Castor

The TENTE fixed castor keeps everything right on track

The fixed castor is used whenever long distances need to be covered in one direction. It provides the necessary directional stability for maneuvering trolleys along straight corridors, for instance.

When vehicles need to be very maneuverable, they are often equipped with four swivel castors. This is not, however, desirable for all applications, because stability suffers as a result of the maneuverability causing the trolleys to often veer off course. In contrast to swivel castors that can turn in all directions, the fixed castor is significantly better at travelling in straight lines, as it is fixed in relation to the vehicle. Because a vehicle equipped only with fixed castors is not steerable, however, fixed castors are often used in combination with swivel castors. The result is both good directional stability and cornering ability.

The TENTE fixed castor is available in countless variations: as a designer castor for institutional applications, as a castor for industrial transport equipment, as a heavy-duty castor that can carry hundreds of kilos, and numerous other versions. Materials, diameter, bearing type and load capacity of the fixed castor differ depending on the application. On request, it can be manufactured from frost-resistant stainless steel or heat and cold-resistant materials for use in ovens or refrigerated warehouses. Their solid construction makes the fixed castor an important aid to everyday work.

A sprung fixed castor can be used to absorb bumps or impacts when transporting vibration-sensitive goods. If required, it absorbs annoying transport noise, thus facilitating quiet loading and unloading at night.

Whether they're being used outdoors, in hot, damp, dusty conditions or on uneven ground – at TENTE you'll find the fixed roller you need for transporting your goods. We look forward to receiving your inquiry!

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