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Inflight trolleys – take off with the perfect castor

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In an aircraft, everything happens in a very confined space. Inflight trolleys have to be pushed along the narrow aisles, for example, and constantly slowed down and brought to a complete standstill. If a flight attendant loses control of the trolley, this can have serious consequences and even present a risk to passengers. Good castors are therefore indispensable if smooth operation of the inflight trolleys is to be guaranteed. Castors must be easy to manoeuvre – even in the narrowest aisles – but also quick and easy to lock. This makes the work of the flight attendants easier and consequently creates a pleasant atmosphere all round.

Which wheels for the inflight trolley?

In planes, trolleys have to be moved and partly turned around in confined spaces. Swivel castors are therefore particularly suitable, since they make the inflight trolley easy to manoeuvre. Safety plays a very important role here, which means that a locking system is necessary. It locks the trolley with a simple movement.

Other features to consider are the weight of the castors and the running noise. The more weight the aircraft has to carry, the more CO2 is emitted. Lighter castors lead to a reduction in weight and thus to a reduction in CO2 emissions. And, of course, it is also more comfortable and less stressful for flight personnel when less weight has to be manoeuvred. In addition to safety and service, comfort is one of the quality attributes of flying. On quiet castors, the trolley can be pushed through the aircraft without disturbing the passengers.

TENTE Aviana wheels for inflight trolleys

TENTE Aviana convince with high-quality and light materials as well as a central brake. The castors run very easily, smoothly and quietly. Even during turbulence, the lockable swivel castors can be reliably secured in place. And TENTE Aviana castors make an impression with regard to appearance as well as performance. They have already been awarded design prizes such as the Design Award of the Deutscher Designer Club and the Red Dot Design Award. They are available in customised colours on request.


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