TENTE-ROLLEN GmbH is one of the best employers

Den anerkendte "Top Job"-pris givet til virksomhed fra Wermelskirchen

Wermelskirchen, Germany – TENTE-ROLLEN has exceptional qualities as an employer, for which the company received the respected “Top Job”-seal from Wolfgang Clement. The “Top Job” mentor honored the company for its achievements at the summit for medium-sized German companies in Essen on June 26. Three factors in particular are decisive for awarding the seal: the satisfaction of the employees with their working environment, their identification with the company and its products, and the quality of the management.

In the “Top Job” comparison of employers which has been held since 2002, TENTE-ROLLEN was judged as outstanding above all in the categories “Culture & Communication” and “Employee Development & Prospects”. The company, which has 480 employees, recognized that it has adopted a very good approach which can be further enhanced to be an attractive employer for current and future employees.

“Our employees are extremely proud that we were awarded the wellknown ‘Top Job Seal’,” reports Managing Director Roland Dörner. “And we are pleased that our commitment to the workforce has been rewarded in this way. Naturally we will use the 'Top Job Analysis’ to further improve our qualities as an employer, because we know that dedicated employees are the decisive success factor for our company.”

The Institute for Leadership and Personnel Management at the University of St. Gallen, which is headed by Prof. Dr. Heike Bruch, analyzed all the participants systematically. Not only did they ask the heads of Human Resources about the HR methods and instruments they used. They also conducted an employee survey on the topic. In this the staff provided information about the quality of the management, the level of motivation, and how they identified with the company and its products. This analysis accounted for two thirds of the end result. The HR analysis accounted for the other third.

98 medium-sized companies participated in the most recent “Top Job” competition. 82 companies are entitled to bear the seal. A good half of these are family-owned companies. The top employees include 25 national market leaders. On average the companies employ 363 people.
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"Top Job"-sammenligningen af virksomheder

"Top Job"-kvalitetsmærke for eksemplarisk human resource-arbejde i mellemstore virksomheder er blevet uddelt siden 2002 og kan dermed betragtes som en pioner blandt mærkningsordninger for arbejdsgivere. Ansvaret for det videnskabelige lederskab bag benchmarking-systemet ligger hos professor Dr. Heike Bruch og hendes afdeling på Institut for lederskab og personaleledelse på St. Gallen-universitetet. Konkurrencens mentor er tidligere økonomiminister Wolfgang Clement. Samarbejdspartnerne er fagmesserne "Personal2015 Süd" og "Zukunft Personal 2015" samt portalen for specialistmedarbejdere "cleverheads.eu". Fremover vil Silke Masurat, tidligere administrerende direktør for compamedia, sammen med Konstanz-virksomheden zeag GmbH – Zentrum für Arbeitgeberattraktivität, som hun har grundlagt, have ansvaret for sammenligningsanalyserne.