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When sensitive medical equipment and hospital beds have to be moved, the casters used need to be as quiet and mobile as possible. This is why our casters for these sensitive areas are fitted with high-quality precision ball bearings. TENTE casters move medical equipment about quietly, and depending on the type of wheel and tread used, without leaving a mark either. They are especially suitable for use on smooth floors, such as those found in hospitals or laboratories. Casters for use in the medical sector must meet certain special requirements: For one thing, they cannot suffer from regular cleaning at high temperatures. A low overall height is an advantage as well, as it makes it more comfortable for both the patients and caregivers. Electrical conductivity also plays an important role here, because the discharge of static electricity can have serious consequences in the area of healthcare. Our engineers have therefore developed castors suitable for transporting medical apparatus using only the highest-quality materials in their construction.