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A classic in TENTE's product line-up are our light-duty casters made of sheet steel that find use in areas as diverse as store fixtures and trade show booth construction to fashion stores and logistics centers. Pressed steel rollers are also used under shopping carts and roll cages. Here, they move heavy loads on a daily basis, have to overcome thresholds and must withstand changes in climate between refrigerated and retail environments. For this reason, the casters are very robust, with the stable sheet steel housing being able to withstand even harsh impacts. TENTE has a diverse product range with a wide selection of pressed steel casters. And best of all: There's a seemingly unlimited number of ways that the individual components can be combined. Our TENTE pressed steel casters are available as swivel casters with total lock and directional lock and as fixed casters. They travel especially smooth and quietly thanks to their maintenance-free bearing and durable wheels made from high -quality plastics. If you're having difficulty making a selection: Contact us and we'll quickly find the right caster for the purpose at hand.