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Everyone is familiar with the situation: The clatter and rattle that usually accompanies the unloading of delivery vehicles or, when roll cages are moved around. On hard surfaces, the noise often gets suddenly louder when the casters hits bumps and pass the impact on to the cargo. In residential areas, and above all where deliveries are performed during the nighttime hours, this noise level is not acceptable. Noise-reducing casters from TENTE make it possible to reduce this annoying transport noise. An elastic and thus sound-absorbing tread made of rubber, or else the bearing itself, absorb the impact, thereby muffling annoying noises. There are even noise-reducing casters available with hard wheels: With its hard nylon tread and soft rubber core, our hybrid wheel combines the advantages of a hard tread with the properties of a soft wheel. We can supply noise-reducing casters as fixed, with directional lock, or as swivel versions in all sizes. Contact us and we'll find the right caster for your application.