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What's TENTE got to do with your breakfast toast? Quite a lot actually, because when the going gets hot, bakers can rely on heat-resistant casters from TENTE. They are excellently suited for use on the oven racks on which our bread enters the hot oven. Heat-resistant casters handle temperature changes without a problem: They withstand temperatures of up to 280 degrees Celsius without suffering damage. They can even be used at an ambient temperature of 310 degrees Celsius for up to five minutes. The casters are also resistant to cold, and can endure freezing temperatures in the freezer down to -40 degrees Celsius. The high quality of the materials used makes for a long service life, even under extreme conditions. Heat-resistant casters from TENTE are reliable and operate smoothly so that you can transport your baked goods quietly and safely. They even make life easy when it comes to cleaning up afterwards, as our heat-resistant castors are washable – a must for areas with strict hygiene regulations.