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No warehouse could manage without this helper: A forklift truck enables even heavy loads, such as transport palettes, to be maneuvered effortlessly. The use of the right forklift wheels is of vital importance to ensure that transport doesn't come to a standstill and that all goods reach their destination quickly and safely, even under high load conditions. The wheels from TENTE are characterized by a long service life. They are ideal for use on a flat surface at a maximum speed of four kilometers per hour. Even when carrying heavy loads, wear is minimal. At TENTE, you will receive forklift rollers with and without bearing that are compatible with all common forklift truck manufacturers. As OEM, TENTE also offers replacements for forklift truck wheels, such as replacement wheels for support rollers or drive wheels. We are happy to advise you as to which forklift wheels you should consider for your application.