Twin wheel caster

One caster, twice the maneuverability.

Unlike single casters, the twin wheel caster has two wheels left and right of the wheel hub. It has a high load-bearing capacity even when the installation height is small, and is easy to steer even with high loads.

Thanks to its smooth and reliable travel, the stable, compact twin wheel caster is suitable for many different applications, such as chairs, furniture, apparatus or transport equipment. It is available with or without total lock or wheel lock, thus allowing it to be secured against rolling away at a moment's notice.

Our twin wheel casters are constructed using only the highest-quality materials. With a housing made of plastic or sheet steel, it is robust while being kind to your floor during use. A twin wheel caster with soft tread is especially suitable for easily-damaged floor coverings, such as tiles, parquet or laminate, while hard treads are better for soft flooring, such as carpet. And to ensure you don't receive a static electric shock after use, the twin wheel castor is also available in an electric-conductive version.

The twin wheel caster is highly maneuverable thanks to the differential effect. This means that because both wheels can rotate in opposite directions, the twin wheel caster can be turned more easily and thus has an advantage over the simple furniture caster. You can choose between models with different types of bearing, such as a swivel bearing or precision ball bearing according to the specific requirements. The caster is available in a washable and rustproof version – a plus for use in areas where hygiene regulations prescribe regular cleaning and disinfection.

The twin wheel caster from TENTE is not just practical, but it looks great too. Our designer twin wheel casters are available in a variety of colors and with customizable locks.

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