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If everything in the office is to run smoothly, you need high-quality chair castors. TENTE is the ideal partner for this, because we have decades of experience working with wheels and castors, and a wide range of products for you to choose from. Whether for a modern designer chair or the classic, comfortable executive chair – you're sure to find the right chair castor for you needs at TENTE. Select whichever of the different colors and materials suits your taste: A soft tread made of TENTEprene (a thermoplastic rubber) leaves no ugly marks on hard floors coverings such as parquet or laminate. Chair castors with a hard tread, such as plastic, are especially well suited for soft surfaces with high rolling resistance, such as carpet. To avoid the build-up of static electricity, many chair castors are also available in an electrically conductive version. A load-dependent brake prevents the chair from rolling unintentionally. When you sit down, however, your chair rolls effortlessly and un-braked in the desired direction.