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Thanks to their sophisticated technology and long-lasting TENTE quality, our wheels can be used for industrial applications, even under tougher conditions. They are made for constant use underneath waste disposal containers and transport equipment: Dust, damp and uneven surfaces are no problem for TENTE wheels. TENTE wheels are hard to beat when it comes to their load-carrying capacity too. They can handle weights of up to 900 kilos. This is made possible through the specific properties of the high-quality materials used. Depending on the requirement, you can choose a wheel body made from polypropylene, polyamide or aluminum, for example, and decide between a tread made of rubber or solid rubber, polyurethane or tire rubber band. Our wheels are available in black, grey, blue, red or natural color. Some are equipped with a precision ball bearing making for very low rolling resistance. The wheels you need are also available as rust resistant or electrically conductive versions on request.