The world of logistics

Two apprentices gave a lesson in logistics at a school

Two apprentices gave a lesson in logistics at the Wermelskirchen school. The successful co-operation between the company TENTE-ROLLEN and the school has been running for 14 years. Students from the school make regular tours of the TENTE factory. In addition, the apprentices gave a lecture at the school about the real practicalities involved in castor manufacturing.

Two apprentices from Europe's largest manufacturer of castors and wheels visited the school in Wermelskirchen. The apprentices gave a talk to the school students about the world of work.

The trainee industrial management assistants Frederik Fetten and Xenia Richter presented four geography courses on modern logistics using TENTE as the example. Most of the 100 students who were present had a knowledge of the company TENTE based on either a recent visit or simply by their awareness of the TENTE brand.

TENTE is represented on all continents and has 28 overseas subsidiaries. The TENTE-ROLLEN factory in Wermelskirchen is the largest location with 450 employees. Stored goods leave of the TENTE high bay warehouse through the logistics department and are then sent to the customer. The products are separated into four market segments: Institutional, Medical, Industrial and Heavy Duty.

The TENTE logistics team focuses on the goals of cost minimization, reduction of lead times and optimization of material flow. From a customer perspective punctual and timely delivery is critical. Depending on the destination and level of priority the goods are delivered by truck, train, boat or plane.

Achieving a high level of delivery performance and keeping the costs and capital requirement low, is the way the TENTE apprentices defined the term logistics.