Systematically we help you find the right castor

Well-wheeled in deed

With a precise analysis of the application and environmental conditions you will quickly and easily find the ideal castor for your individual area of use.

Due to the different areas of application, there is no single way for selecting the castor you need. However, in general, there is a close relationship between many of the requirements. The two diagrams on the opposite page illustrate this using the example of apparatus and transport equipment castors. The subsequent product section gives an overview of all TENTE castors, sorted according to their main applications. All product components available are listed in their standard combinations. We developed a logical product system to simplify the selection process. The system names all the properties of a TENTE castor using a letter and number sequence.

Of course, our customer service and sales managers will assist in the castor selection or simply select the right castor for you.


No castor material will fulfil all the requirements equally well.

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Trend-setting factors

Not all castors are made equal. They have to meet certain requirements that depend on the application. Choosing the castor that is right for you depends on many different criteria.

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Chemical resistance

The more precisely you know under which environmental conditions your castors are to be used, the more specifically you can co-ordinate them to the relevant conditions.

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Wheel bearing

Each castor is worthless without first-class bearings. Therefore, we recommend bearings that are optimal for the respective use and which guarantee the necessary safety reserves.

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Swivel bearing

Manoeuvrability and flexibility are the most important advantages in the use of virtually every castor. The swivel bearing decides how easy and frictionless it functions.

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The optimum type of fitting is decided by the functionality of your product and by the efficiency of your production. With proven and innovative concepts, TENTE provides the optimum solution for every requirement...

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