TENTE castors on a world tour with André Rieu!

Tente accepts any challenge!

Star violinist André Rieu’s concerts are invariably sell-outs. The shows are transmitted on huge LED screens so that even those sitting at the back catch every detail. A customer of TENTE Netherlands developed and built the 24 x 6 meter screen for the tour.

The fact that the custom-built screen consisted of 360 individual LED screens presented two challenges for transportation and construction: assembly and dismantling every evening had to be done with the greatest possible speed and precision and the individual components had to be able to be packed as compactly as possible for transportation in sea containers. A TENTE Netherlands sales representative, came up with a great idea: by fitting different-sized TENTE wheels to the special trolleys, it was possible to move the individual LED screens closer together. This meant that everything fitted perfectly into the containers. By the way, TENTE castors are not only used for the LED screens on the stage, but for the orchestral instruments too.

The trolleys for the LED screens fit together perfectly thanks to different-sized wheels. (See picture)